Purple Pink Snackery English

Cooking and Restaurant Game!

Don’t miss the best English learning time for kids! The best way is to learn while playing. Listen and repeat the order and food English, this new Purple Pink Snackery English app will help kids achieve the best learning effect!
Purple Pink opens a new burger shop and you are her business partner! This shop is not only serving hamburgers and hot dogs, but also pizza and other snacks!

Start your culinary journey with Purple Pink! The operation is very simple, just click, click and click! Don’t keep your customers waiting for too long! They might get impatient and leave! So work as fast as you could to make whatever they ordered and earn as many coins as possible!

There are many levels for your challenge! With levels up, new ingredients will be unlocked: lettuce, ice cream, popcorn, donuts, fries, orange juice and more! New ingredients will make your food richer and delicious!

• Easy to operate and play!
• Fun customers and vivid animations!
• Cordial voice-over guide!
• Upgrades to a variety of food!
• No Wi-Fi is required. You can play anywhere!

This version of Purple Pink Burger Shop is free to download.
If there are any questions during the purchase and playing, feel free to contact us via contact@papoworld.com

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