Purple Pink English: Food

Food English Learning App!

Papo World released the latest English learning app! Designed exclusively for 2 to 8 year olds, this app could help kids learn English in the most efficient way, with interesting game play, and start with their most familiar food!

Purple Pink English: Food simulates the daily life scenes with all kinds of food so that kids could indulge in the situations and learn faster. All the mini sessions are designed and presented in the most simple ways and kids will interact simply through click & drag, even children without English educational background could gradually master the most used vocabularies and spoken English!

App Contents:
- Make a cake: Purple pink will teach you how to make a cake! Learn the English names of the ingredients while playing!
- Purple is hungry: Purple is so hungry! Feed her with her favorite food!
- Delicious pizza: What do you want to add on your pizza? Read out the names of the ingredients loudly!
- Naughty fruits: Pick the ripe fruits from the tree and listen to what they’ll say! And yes, they can run, too!
- Vegetables harvest: It’s time for a vegetable harvest! The vegetables that grow in the fields will pop out on their own!
- Link the dots: Follow the arrow and link the dots. What food will you get?
- Food Coloring: Color the cupcakes and pineapples!
- The word expert: Have you mastered all the word cards you've collected? Find out the word you listened!
- Dessert Fight: Follow the voice prompts to find all the right desserts!
- I love vegetables: vegetables make me healthy, and I will eat some every day! Cheerful melody and simple lyrics, let’s sing a song!

• Native American pronunciation!
• Situational learning for more profound memory!
• Simple and easy to play!
• Completely safe for kids!
• Learn in play, fully mobilize the interests of children!
• Soft colors and succinct images!
• Vivid and fun animations!
• No Wi-Fi needed and it could be played anywhere!

This version of Purple Pink English: Food is free to download. Unlock more mini games through in-app purchase. Once complete the purchase, it will be permanently unlocked and bound with your account.
If there are any questions during the purchase and playing, feel free to contact us via contact@papoworld.com

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